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This page collects all the references available to members of EHFSA and visitors to Ecton with links to the relevant document.  Most of the information under "Tutor" is confidential and is password protected.
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The Ecton “GUTS”

You might be wondering what the “GUTS” has to do with Ecton?    Not a lot really except that one of our members, Jane Essex, has access to a delightful teaching aid for biologists - guts knitted by Carol Fereday -  complete with esophagus, stomach, two sets of intestines (20 odd feet of them) and an appendix.   A urinary tract is now also available - shown.  There is a picture of both below and, on the right Bob Thompson demonstrates how the guts are (is) used as a teaching aid; gradually removing this extensive knitted piece from his “abdomen”. If you would like either of these knitted examples of viscera please contact Jane Essex directly at:

Picture of the Ecton Guts

Price of the guts is £22 and that of the urinary tract £12


A PowerPoint presentation covering the essentials of Ecton and suitable for a 25 minute talk prior to a visit by a group with general interests is available. Just download the file below and then personalise it for your particular visit. The presentation is based on the information in: The Copper & Lead Mines of Ecton Hill, Staffordshire by Robey & Porter.  The presentation emphasises the industrial archaeology, social history and business impact of Ecton.